Why This Blog?

I am a strong advocate for Bible college and believe we desperately need another generation of young people trained in the scriptures and with more than just a superficial knowledge of what the Word teaches.

I also have enough theology credits in my portfolio to know there’s a big discrepancy between what we learn in the classroom and what real life throws our way. In 1988, I was a thirty-something headed to the mission field.  I loved the Lord. I wanted to be strong of heart and full of faith.

Then a funny thing happened.  Real life, in a culture extremely different than my own collided with the paradigm of belief which I held so dear.  I look back and sense the Lord was smashing my theology and then as I gasped at the ruins He asked, “Can you see me now?”

I let go of things I had been taught were “gospel truth” because I learned they were not actually “gospel truth”. Those who know me will recognize the first few topics because I raise them often. Hang in there and we will cover new ground, or write in with something you wished you’d learned in Bible school. We can have some fun, and reduce the pressure of pretending we got it all nailed down when we don’t.

Till next time.


5 thoughts on “Why This Blog?

  1. Thank you Kathy, I look forward to reading and adding to your post as I remember everything that has transpired in the last 26 years!


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